Post-doc and ingénieur⋅e d’études (lead research technician) positions

With the good news of the ERC funding comes the greater news of new hiring positions in my team. I am looking for a Post-doc working on the statistical development of a new method to infer the distribution of the effect sizes of QTL and for an “ingénieur⋅e d’études” to manage and handle the development of haplotagging technology in the project (but also participate to field work and data management, it’s a great opportunity for people wanting to expand their skill set!).

After inquiring a colleague working in the UK, the best translation we could come up with for “Ingénieur⋅e d’études” is “Lead research technician”, but to clarify, the position corresponds to a staff member with a Master degree or equivalent (in the European sense, i.e. 5 years of higher eduction), able to manage and conduct scientific projects in autonomy, while under the supervision of a researcher.

Post-doc position

Ingénieur⋅e d’études / Lead research technician position