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  • QGglmm, the new package to compute quantative genetics parameters for non-Gaussian traits, can be found on GitHub
  • BayeScEnv, the environmental version of Bayescan, can be found on GitHub


I am a researcher in Evolutionary Ecology doing a post-doc with Anna Santure at the University of Auckland.

General research interests

My research interests lie in the study of adaptive phenomenons on a micro-evolutive scale in wild populations. To do so, I combine approaches from evolutionary ecology, quantitative genetics and population genomics. This require the development of new methodological frameworks and statistical tools, for which I mainly rely on Bayesian statistics.

Past researches

My past research includes my PhD project and previous methodological work on (i) phylogenetic comparative methods to incorporate phylogenetic uncertainty and intra-specific variability, and (ii) comparison of methods to estimate the heritability depending on the nature of the phenotypic trait (Normal Vs Binary) and on different natures of confounding effects.

Regarding this last work, I published a tutorial on how to estimate the heritability, using the MCMCglmm package on R.

Major disciplinary themes

  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Quantitative and population genetics
  • Bayesian statistics